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Our Mission



Named after one of history's most notable Muslim females, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, KBK Relief Foundation is a organization with an all Muslim female Board of Directors. We aim to alleviate suffering and minimize the economic costs of conflict, disasters, and displacement. We aim to empower women in need by providing support and opportunities. 



KBK Relief Foundation is a non-profit 501c3. We promise 100% of all donations go directly to families and individuals in need. We never take anything from your donation. In fact, we personally (along with a few loyal sponsors) cover all overhead costs. Just as Khadijah bint Khuwaylid spent her riches on the destitute, KBK will strive to honor her distinct character.



Our organization is dedicated to serving those in need locally in MI, and internationally. With humanitarian efforts as our number one goal, we strive to make lives better and give hope to those whose lives have been impacted by war, oppression and poverty. We currently have ongoing projects in Yemen and Pakistan, but have worked in Iraq and for the refugees in Greece. We have personal contacts in the places we work to guarantee the project is completed to your expectations.


Our Accomplishments



Water Pumps in Pakistan



Water Well

water-tap copy.png



Water Tanks

in Yemen



KBK Water 


water-tank-16-899151 copy.png



Blankets In




Lambs Slaughtered



Cows Slaughtered

2203130 copy.png
2203130 copy.png



Families in Pakistan

fed for a month

2203130 copy.png


Families in


fed for a month


Our Board

Shayma Mustafa


Shayma is the founder of KBK Relief Foundation. A native Michigander, Shayma fell in love with nonprofits when she was only a teenager. Inspired at her Islamic school Al-Ikhlas Training Academy led by Br.Nadir Ahmad, Shayma quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. This resolve stuck with her through college, leading her to earn her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Administration from Wayne State University. Over 18 years later, as a founding board member, Shayma provides support to our board and is happy spending her days keeping our community an amazing place to live, one program at a time. She is also mother to five beautiful children, a children’s author, and college instructor.


Megan Agemy

Board Member and Treasurer

Megan is a founding board member of KBK Relief Foundation and she graduated from Henry Ford College. She is a registered respiratory therapist and went into the medical field to help people. She converted to Islam about 18 years ago and she is married with three beautiful children. She performed her Hajj in 2004 where her friendship with Shyama was formed. She is a believer in helping her community.


Bushra Abuzeid

Board Member and Secretary

Bushra is a founding board member of KBK Relief Foundation. She currently resides in New York, however continues to contribute her time and fulfills her role as secretary. She has been an active community member for several years and continues to work hard to support both local and international needs. Bushra Abuzeid holds a BSN from Madonna University and is a proud mother of four.

Our Board

KBK Relief Foundation was officially founded in 2018. Long before we were established, our trusted board members have strived to offer humanitarian services to those in need within their respective communities.

After much consideration we then decided it was time to establish our own organization; one that would bring all of our communities together and work towards providing aid in a more official, transparent capacity. Even with our non-profit seal we continue to provide our services voluntarily never deducting a penny from your donation. Please support us with the pure intention in knowing that 100% of what you give will go directly towards our cause.

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