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Our Work in Pakistan


Water pumps provide clean drinking water to hundreds in an entire village. Typically a pump lasts 7-8 years before maintenance is needed. 



Monthly food baskets are delivered in several different villages to widows and orphans.



Due to a generous donor we were able to fulfill this villages' need of a large solar panel water well when a pump would not work. This well is estimated to last 50 years. 



Many disabled adults and children cannot afford the luxury of a wheelchair. They struggle to fulfill their tasks and are fatigued due to the hardship of having to manage without a wheelchair. 



Imagine as a female having to use the bathroom but having nothing but a light cloth held up by 2 branches. We can provide a village with a womens only washroom to assure their safety and privacy.


All projects done in Pakistan are all in collaboration with Street Children Pakistan. We are always collecting for monthly food rations for widows and orphans and water pumps. If you are interested in donating a water pump in honor of a loved one it only costs $337. 

For more information on any of our projects, please send us an email to

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