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Our Work in Yemen

Meat Slaughter

Biweekly, 10 lambs are distributed to families in need; primarily to widows/single mothers and orphans. You can donate an entire lamb any given week for only $100 donation. 


Water Tanks

By sponsoring a water tank fill-up, you are providing these villages with clean drinking water. You may also donate to purchase a water tank in an area in need.



KBK has provided over 2,000 needy families in Yemen with essential food items to last at least one month including during the most holy month of Ramadan.



Year to year, KBK is keeping regions in Yemen warm by supplying them with thick blankets. There are areas where the winter time has yielded drastically cold temperatures. 


Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen in the over 100 years. It is a war torn country that is facing one of the worst famine of our time. With disease infested waters, lack of resources and accessibility to basic needs nearly 80% of Yemen's population are in need of humanitarian aid. 

For more information on any of our projects, please send us an email to

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